Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is simply getting your website to rank higher in the search results on a search engine for keywords that describe your business. So if you sell combs and someone types in combs on a search engine if all goes well you will be one of many listed in the search results. The problem is there will be thousands of different websites that have the keyword "comb" in it. Many will not even sell combs, but rather "combs" is mentioned in the content of their website. So the key is getting in the top 10 for the keyword search of "comb". Sounds simple enough? Not even, it is actually very complex.

Companies spend thousands on search engine optimization experts in an effort to gain an advantage on the search engines. The search engines themselves gives us tools and guidance on what they look for in a website to determine how it will rank in a search result. But no one but the search engines has the full story. They have closely guarded secrets on what they use to determine placement and experts spend hours trying to figure it out.

There are numerous factors they use to determine placement, such things as keywords in your content, the length of your content, the size of the website, graphics, and numerous other factors. The list is never ending.

We will work with you on making your website search engine friendly. We will also constantly monitor the results and utilize the diagnostic tools provided by the search engines, which gives us an idea of how we are doing. We will also recommend changes to the website based on diagnostic tools provided. The end result is coming up with the right keywords that describe your business and making sure the website is correctly in-line with the right keywords, which will give us better placement on the search engines.

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