Website marketing

Website marketing includes advertising your website on the Internet and in your business and around your area. If you have a website as a part of your business you have to let others know that it exists. The goal of any website is to get looked at. On the Internet people find your site one of two ways: either they know the address and they type it in or they do a keyword search on a search engine.

People know your website address if you tell them. Your website should be on your letterhead, on any coupons, on any ads, on any flyers or brochures, and on any other marketing collateral. If they know the address because you told them they will get on the web and type it in when they need your products or services. If you have a website you have to use it as part of your business. We can help you design letter head or any graphic needs for your business such as an ad for a magazine that includes your website address.

If someone doesn't know your business or your website address how they would find you is by typing in a keyword(s) on a search engine. For example if someone is looking for a pest control service in Daytona Beach, they would most likely type in "pest control and Daytona Beach". A long list of search results would be displayed. Where you are displayed depends on how well you rank on the search engine.

There are two ways to display high on the results. One in search engine optimization, which is discussed in a different section, but if you rank good you will be one of the top choices in the results. Most people look at the first couple in a search result. So if you are not on the first page, most of the time you will not get seen.

The other way to get displayed high on the search engine results is to pay to be in the top three. This is website marketing. Two of the biggest advertising networks are Yahoo network and Google network. Together we will get you signed up and we will decide on what keywords to use for your website. You get charged each time someone uses those keywords and clicks to your website from the search results on the search engine. This is called pay per click advertising and the cost to use this service can range from some pocket change to a few dollars per click depending on the popularity of the chosen keywords.

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